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All items are nm-mt or better unless noted. The auction will be updated Monday to Friday with weekends counting as one day (as Monday).

Format of this auction is new, once, twice, sold. Any new bid or overbid is listed as "new" the first update after the bid is taken. After a day if the item is not overbid, the bid is listed as "once". If after another day the bid is still not overbid, it is listed as "twice", and if for one final day, the bid is not overbid, it is listed as "sold" and the bidder buys the item at the bid price. If however at any time, the bid is overbid, the new bid is marked as "new" and the process starts all over again. Just one thing, bids put in through the web page that have not been marked as "new" are marked as "brand new". I will send a copy of how the auction is going to anyone who bids through email. (If you choose not to have me e-mail you, just let me know.)

Buyer pays all postage for the cards they win. Lots that cost extra postage are marked with the amount of extra postage for the lot. Extra postage is in addition to normal postage.

  • All bids must be in US funds.

Email to to bid or use the web page.

Bids must be increased by

  • .35 if the current bid is under $1.00,
  • .50 if the current bid is $1.00 up to $14.99,
  • $1.00 if the current bid is $15.00 up to $49.99,
  • $2.00 if the current bid is $50.00 up to $99.99,
  • $3.00 if the current bid is over $100.00.
since the last update. Furthermore, once a bid is $5 or more, even brand new bids must be raising by the minimum raise. If the bid is brand new and under $5, you can raise by any amount. The opening bid can be any amount.

I do accept consigned cards. To see the details for that, look under CONSIGNING below.

Auctions will end when either 1. all lots are sold or 2. I decided to end an auction. Due to the long time it takes to run an auction, sometimes, I will decided to send an auction early.

You must have payment postmarked by 1 week after the auction ends. If you dont do this, you cannot return items. Once I send out your cards (Yes!! I'll have all the cards here and grade them myself!), you will have a two week period (from when I send out the cards) to return them (or to tell me you are returning them) if you wish to return them.

I hope that by grading the cards myself, people will know what to expect and won't want to return the cards. Also note that the majority of the cards in the auction will still be mine.

Autobuys are allowed. To autobuy a card, you need only to ask me about the lot(s) you are interested in.

Postage outside of USA is extra, and depends upon how much you win.


You will be banned from the auctions for
1. Backing out of bids
2. Not sending payment within reasonable time
3. If I feel like it. (This case is rarely used, but is here only because it's my auction :) ).


I reserve the right to give out ANY information on anyone who has been banned in my auction. (Name, email, address, and why they were banned.)

Winning a bid is a binding contract. If you fail to pay for your winnings, you may be sued for the book value of the card when it was up for auction.

Book prices are from the date the auction was being first typed up. Some auctions take several days to type up. Please feel free to double check the book prices yourself.

Book prices are a guide and should not determine how much you bid.

CONSIGNERS: Click here for a complete list of consignment rules